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Welcome to the English version of www.frauensache-frankfurt.de. Our practice of gynecologists and obstetricians right in the center of Frankfurt/Main, Germany, is open year round from Monday through Friday.


We take care of pregnant women from the very beginning of pregnancy (i.e. first positive pregnancy test) throughout the date of delivery; we also help you searching for a class of pregnancy exercise or Kegels for your pelvic floor (in your mother tongue if needed) as well as for a midwife and a hospital for your delivery. 


We assist teenage girls and grown up women choosing the right contraceptive devices, e.g. the pill, IUD, alternatives as the adhesive called Evra, the vaginal ring Nuvaring, the IUD with the hormone Levonorgestrel and so on; in case of an unwanted pregnancy we will refer you to our associate practice Liebfrauenarzt just close by where you can receive the necessary pregnancy counseling (§ 218) or alternatively to Pro Familia.

Gynecology, ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis

Part of our offer is the routine checkup including the Pap smear, gynecological ultrasound and ultrasound of the breast. During pregnancy there is the possibility of performing extra examinations besides the routine examinations, e.g. measuring the fetal nuchal translucency (NT) combined with the First Trimester Screening or Integrated Screening, or performing a high resolution ultrasound around the sixth months of gestation (19th to 21st week) to find out about any fetal abnormalities or malformations.

However no prenatal diagnostic means can guarantee a healthy baby nor can the amniocentesis, which is part of our possibilities as well (associate practice). But still - the standard condition is: the baby being alright! 


Both of us doctors speak English. If you have difficulties being understood by our employees at the first registration please let us know: ask for a recall by one of the doctors or book your appointment via internet. Both of us doctors perform the routine gynecological checkup and the care of pregnant women. 

How to get an appointment

Please make your appointment via internet or give us a call 069 / 219 35 24 - 50. 

How to get there

Use the station S-Bahn Hauptwache or subway station Alte Oper. If you travel by car or if you walk, the google city map will guide you.



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